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- Your Journey to Recovery  -



We are a group of passionate individuals in recovery including indigenous men and women and have been in business for 3 years. Our mission is helping our Native relatives to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.  This program is for both men and women who are enrolled tribal members and are willing to make a commitment to completing a 60-90 day treatment program.

Our network of facilities are the finest Native American treatment facilities in Southern California.  All facilities offer Native traditional and ceremonial practices including sweat lodge, as well as cultural and/or Wellbriety groups.


Admissions to these facilities occurs at the beginning of every month and per ethical industry standards they will provide travel arrangements to their facility and back home upon completion.  Clients will have access to their family and loved ones throughout the treatment process.  Our networked facilities are smaller facilities which provide personalized care and evidence based practice which truly makes them the finest facilities. 





Please make sure your personal info is correct or it may delay the process. Please use your full legal name as it is on your birth certificate ID or CDIB card.

Marital Status
Are you a member of a Federally recognized Tribe?
Upload File
Upload File
Are you currently abusing any substances?
What substances are you currently abusing?
Have you ever overdosed?
Are you taking any prescription medications including psychiatric medications?
Has your substance use interfered or caused issues in your personal relationships?
Are you currently dealing with any court issue, misdemeanor, felony, or probation?
If yes, do you have permission from the court or your probation officer to receive treatment out of state?
Do you have any family or friends who support your recovery?
Are you in any immediate danger to yourself or others?
Are you currently living in a safe place?
Within the past two years have you tried to seriously harm yourself or attempt suicide?

Thank you for submitting! We'll be contacting you soon.



If someone says they are representing Transitions Wellness and they aren't listed here, please contact us!

Picture of Carey Rafferty



(714) 679-9175,

Carey has a degree in Substance Use Disorder Counseling, is Wellbriety certified, and spearheaded the development of a successful Wellbriety program in Southern California before starting Transitions Wellness 3 years ago.  In 2021, Carey was recognized as a 'Woman of Distinction' for her efforts in healthcare by California state senator Thomas J. Umberg.



Oklahoma Business Development/Community Outreach

(619) 693-0906,

Nicole was one of the first clients to complete the Transitions Wellness program and not only does she 'walk the walk' of sobriety but she 'talks the talk' too and will share her story with you if you are interested in our program.


ROSETTA ARKEKETA (Otoe-Missouria/Ponca)

California Business Development/Community Outreach

                  (949) 324-1331,

Rosetta came into the Transitions Wellness program from Oklahoma, but chose to stay in Southern California and is doing well.  Please contact her to hear her story.


RENECIA YOUNGBULL (N. Cheyenne/E. Shoeshone)

Montana Business Development/Community Outreach

                  (406) 671-5295,

Renecia came to the program from Montana after battling addiction for over 20 years.  She is a dedicated mother and is currently pursuing a degree in Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Montana State Universtiy (Billings).  She would love to share details about herself and the program.




Ha Weh! My name is Madalyn and I am a member of the Osage tribe from the Osage reservation in Oklahoma. In a few days I will be one year clean and sober from my addiction and alcoholism. Transitions Wellness was there for me every step of the way, even before I got the plane. They were there for every struggle, cheered me on with every victory and loved me until I learned how to love myself. I am grateful to say that Transitions Wellness helped me get my life back." - Madalyn W.


"Transitions wellness had my best interest at heart, the time and and energy that was put into my recovery was vital to my well being as a recovering addict. I will be forever grateful for the support I received from this program." - Albert P.


“I can't say enough about Transitions Wellness and all those who make it possible. Transitions Wellness gave me everything I needed to get my life back on track and progress it into a productive way of living. Everything that is needed for any and all who are looking for a way back from a place which most do not return is all there, or I wouldn't be here today to say so. I am both grateful and thankful to have been blessed with the opportunity to go and grow through their program. It's all here if you are ready." - Joseph R.

- Transitions Wellness/Wellbriety Graduates -

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